MacroEditor is created with the aim of providing a simple tool to write and test macros for Mozilla, FireBird, ThunderBird. And hence increasing participation of more developers and thus accelerating development of more extension and programs for Mozilla and related products
Adds a Macro menu (under Tools menu) which contains menu items for macro editor, evaluate a javascript expression, execute a javascript statement, and an option to open a xul in new window (very use full in ThunderBird).
Once you create macros they will also appear as a menu Item.


For non-developer - an easy way to add and run macro given by your friend.
For new developer - a simple way to practice writing javascript code.
For senior developer - a quick way to test your code.


Using a separate file instead of profile to store macros.
Run a *.js from local disk or from a http:// location etc.
If possible link to XULMaker for creating GUI.
More locale support.

So I am also looking for project mates to help us in achieving them. If anybody interested please contact me at bijumaillist (at)

Exchange Macros

Wish to exchange/get macros with others goto exchange page.


Exchange page

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The macroeditor project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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